Another 7 Whole Days lol

*pours another glass of wine*

Well here I am another day closer to change. I’m sure I said this in my last entry but I’m overwhelmed with all that has taken place. Feelings of joy, relief, nervousness, anxiety, you name it I’m feeling it. But when I woke up from my nap I realized one thing, I am happy.

My life is far from perfect. And although each and every one of my steps were ordered by God, I’m still not the person that He knows I can be. I’m working on it Lord just bare with me lol. I do know that being content with my mental and physical being helps so much in my self journey and I’m glad to be at a place in life where my glass is always half full.

Over the past year or so I’ve learned a lot. I’ve met new people and I’ve been into some new things. New lifestyle and all. But what I’ll never do is lose myself ever again. Those who know me and who’ve entered my life know how I operate. I’m an Aries women, either you’ll love me or not and I’ve always been ok with that. When it’s time for change within myself, for myself, and for a better self those changes will be worked towards. That’s a promise I made to myself and I’ll always hold true to it!

My sons charges were thrown out today. I believe that’s why I hadn’t been sleeping well because I was worried sick about the stupid things he’d done and how it may effect the rest of his life. God watched over him as he always does. Thank you! Now my prayer is that he’s stays on the right track and pursue the military as he said he would. With an ASVAB score of 83 his options are limitless.

As for me I’m another day closer to relocating. I’ll have to stop in Charlotte to work on the business with Dwaine, but I’m cool with that cause I’ll get paid to do so. The extra income will be fantastic until I’m out of my probationary period and getting that big girl boost in pay.

I have a feeling I’m going to get to Atlanta and shut down for a bit. A total mental cleanse. That’s what happens when I make huge changes. It will be needed I’ll just have to be sure I don’t shut down for too long. I’m sure the people who are dear to me won’t let if happen anyway. Lol.

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