No one deserves your death

Believe me I know what it’s like taping the darkness… trying to cover it, as if to hide the holes within the shadow of your soul. Time always moves like it’s inside a bottle, memories ran inside the mind like a wild animal out of a cage. We are the cursed ones my dear. We are the ones outcast from the world, for they will never understand us. We are the cursed ones, like a wondering wanderer always looking for a place to rest, a place of peace, always looking for home, a place to belong. There’s no place for the fallen ones like us, and the world wants you to show your fangs, so they can throw stones. The world wants you to fall farther so they can laugh at your despair. We are the cursed ones my dear… fated to pain and loneliness for all of time. If nothing more know that I will hold you in dreams and in the waking let your pain be your power! ( No one deserves your death)

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