Aug. 30, 2015 – Readings in Recovery Today’s Gift from Hazelden

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015

Today’s thought from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

Detachment doesn’t mean denying compassion

Approaching life with detachment may seem cold at first. We are accustomed to offering lots of help to other people. Thus the first few times we back off from what has become our natural inclination we feel uncomfortable.

Through this program we are learning so much about ourselves. For example, we never knew that we attained much of our worth from how we took care of others. Detachment doesn’t mean we stop loving them. We are discovering that letting them be wholly in charge of themselves is really far more loving And it doesn’t mean we can’t have deep feelings of care and concern. We simply need to stop doing for others what they need to do for themselves.

I will evaluate my need for taking care of a friend’s problem today. Letting others take care of themselves is far more loving.

You are reading from the book:

A Life of My Own by Karen Casey

A Life of My Own by Karen Casey. © 1993 by Hazelden Foundation

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