Kids These Days

My father in law has been incarcerated since July of 2014. Since his incarceration we have had custody of my now 18 year old brother in law. Since he was little his father has been an alcoholic, which was what caused his lock up. He has had every opportunity to be a fuck up. No one would have noticed. No one would have stopped him. He could have been a drug dealer or gang member, no one would have stopped him. But instead he got straight A’s throughout high school, ran track all 4 years, and got himself a job. He saved his money and was able to buy him self a car. He has everything going for him…except for THE LEACH! This girl takes advantage of him to the 10th degree. About a year ago she started having trouble with her mother. I later found out that the “trouble” she was having was herself not wanting to follow the rules her mother had laid out for her. So me being the soft hearted person I am, I let her move in. Now I am wising I would have listened to my mother. You would think, or at least I do, that if you are living in someone else’s home you would want them to think the best of you. You would think she would want to help out around the house or at the VERY least keep their fucking room clean!! But alas she doesn’t. I will get home from work and she is sitting on the couch watching tv…the house a mess. Like honestly, you couldn’t even do the damn dishes?!?! She doesn’t cook…ANYTHING, and her room is a huge dump! She makes my brother in law do her laundry and do what ever cleaning they decide to do, and when it is dinner time instead of her fixing his plate (of the dinner that I have cooked) she instructs him to make HER PLATE! What self respecting woman can’t make her man a damn plate? I had a talk with my brother in law about it. My theory, I told him, is this: Since she moved in she became the woman of your house. Your house your room. And as the woman of your house, she needs to take care of it. But he wont say anything to her and she still refuses o help. And to put the cherry on the cake she is now trying to convince him that they need to get their own place! How the hell can two teenagers make ends meet when both of them have minimum wage part time jobs. Instead of staying home and saving money so he can focus on his education….she wants him to go play house with her, contrary to what the Eagles say, love does NOT keep you alive, and neither one of them have any clue what it takes to make it on your own…let alone any common sense!

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