Vows to my husband for renewal

The very first night I met you, I told my mom, you have the most genuine beautiful smile I had ever seen. Two weeks later I told my mom if I didn’t marry you I would marry somebody just like you.
Now here we are 2921 days since I met you. You have changed, I have changed, and the world around us has changed. But one thing has not changed, my promise to you. The promise I made to love, cherish, and respect you for the rest of time. While my promise is still the same, my love is not.
My love has grown for you more than I ever imagined it could.
Life isn’t easy, marriage isn’t easy, but through every hardship you have remained my rock. Everyday is an adventure. It’s the spare of the moment plans, the late night wrestling matches, the race to try and fix something before you, which always ends the same.. You fixing it, even after I’ve “fixed it”. It’s raising the kids and are silly tricks to try and win them over for the day.. Btw today, Gabbi is definitely a Jenns girl, Ha! It’s been through the smiles, the cries, the laughs and the tears that I have learned it’s our love that matters most.
God put you and I on this earth for one another, and I thank him everyday for you, and for our family.
on our 2nd date we learned we oddly shared the same favorite saying. Hakuna Matata. It means no worries. Which is exactly what I have as long as I have you by my side to do life with. My new promise to you is to always choose love, and to give you and the kids the best of me. To love you more tomorrow than I do today, and more the next day, and so forth.

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