Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I might know you now, but maybe I do. Maybe you’re someone who I would never expect to be my husband. Maybe a subconscious part of myself already knows you will be someone I will spend the rest of my life with.
Thank you for staying with me through the good and bad. Thank you for being with me, even though I might be annoying and depressed some of the time. I promise to try to make you smile when you’re sad, support you when you need it most, and I WILL MAKE YOU COOKIES AND CAKES ALL THE TIME! (I bake so much it’s annoying)
I know you are going to be the right choice in my life. Even though my parents might not accept you or your parents might not accept me, that shouldn’t stand in the way of our love and our life together.
Also, I cook, you do the dishes. End of.
I look forward to my life with you.

Love you,

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