1 from the vaults 28th october 2007 846pm sunday


i have another odd side effect to report from the steroids. they are affecting my sense of smell and indirectly, taste. all i can taste is the steroid. same goes for smell. i can’t say i’m happy about that, but i only have 1 left of the damn things so hopefully it’s only temporary.

ah yes. the last of the vicoden i’m allowing myself today is kicking in. yay!

So. Will’s costume was a huge hit and he said everyone he saw/spoke to complimented him on his makeup (*note… which was sorta Mimi from the Drew Carey show actually LOL only with more eyeshadow not as carefully applied) Nice! Always nice to know that i’ve still got the touch, right?

it’s about at a 7&8 (l & R respectively) i had a lavender soak in the tub earlier and it helped a little bit.

i think i’m just really tired today.


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