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Zander (Jacob’s younger brother) plays Pop Warner football on the Packer’s team. This is his third year playing Pop Warner and players have gone from looking like bobble heads to actual players as their bodies are beginning to catch up to their helmets. They play on Saturdays and today was a big game. The Packers were up against the Titians and Evan plays for the Titian team. Zander and Evan are best friends because Evan lived at Zander’s house for about 4 years. Both boys wanted bragging rights and both teams are good teams. A lot at stake at today’s game.

There are different rules at this level. For one, once a touch down is made, the ball must be kicked, and if the kicker is successful in getting the ball over the goal posts, the team scores 2 extra points. Whenever there is punting or kicking for the extra points, the opposing team is not allowed to break through the line. They can only jump up and down and wave their arms in hopes to swat the ball out of the air. At this age and level, kicking the ball over the goal post is challenging without being rushed so I believe the idea is to give younger players a fair chance as they continue to develop their skills.

Zander’s Packer number is 20 and Evan’s Titian number is 99. In the first quarter, the Titians kicked the ball to the Packers. Both teams were working hard but neither team was able to score. Zander had an impressive tackle in this quarter stopping the ball carrier on a Titian first down. The Titians attempted to pass on the next 2 plays but both were incomplete so the Packer Defense was able to keep the Titians at bay.

In the second quarter, the Titians were successful in moving the ball down the field, but thanks to Zander he was able to keep the ball carrier from scoring a touch down by a tackle at the 9 yard line. Unfortunately, this did not stop them for long, and the Titians were able to put the first score on the board. The kick was good giving the Titians 8 points. Ball returned to the Packers, but they were not able to score. Ball back to the Titians and Zander again was able to make an important tackle and stop the Titians from another touchdown. The second quarter ended with the Titians 8 to the Packers 0.

In the third quarter, the Packers kicked the ball to the Titians and the ball ended at the 30 yard line. On the Titian’s first play, there was a fumble and the Packers recovered the ball. Evan was successful in stopping the Packers from gaining yards on a second down but the Packers were eventually able to move the ball down for a touchdown. The kick was good which tied the score 8 to 8. Titian ball and they had a couple of fumbles during their plays, and the second time they fumbled the Packers were able to recover the ball. With this advantage, the Packers were able to score their second touchdown, but their kick was no good so the Packers put 14 on the board to the Titians 8. Titians were moving the ball down the field and again Zander had a great tackle near the end of the third quarter so the Titians did not score.

Fourth quarter and Evan was the ball carrier and successfully gained enough yards for a first down. Zander was the one to tackle and stop him! But Zander was pulled from the game for a slight injury which he recovered from quickly. He rejoined the game shortly after. Much like his brother, he plays defense and offense so plays the entire game. Titians moved the ball down to the one yard line but the Packers stopped them twice. On the second attempt Zander was the one to knock the ball carrier out of bounds. Zander again was taken out for a rest. The Titians finally were able to make a touchdown and their kick was good so the Titians score was 16 to the Packers 14. Packer ball but they were not able to make a first down so on the fourth play they punted the ball to the Titians. But on the Titians first play they had a loose ball and the Packers were able to recover returning the ball to them. They were able to move the ball down to the 7 yard line with 10 seconds left in the game. Another exciting, nerve wrecking game as they are within 7 yards of winning. The Packers attempted a field goal but alas the ball hit the goal post and the kick was no good. So the Packers lost to the Titians 16 to 14.

The Packers played a great game and unfortunately only lost because of two unsuccessful kicks. It was obvious that the Packer players were disappointed, and you can see that on Zander’s face in the pictures. But Zander did an amazing job today with some very impressive tackles. He has greatly improved with maturity and experience. Just wait till High School football! Bragging Granny signing off!

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