#LoveMe Challenge Day One

Why are You doing #LoveMe Challenge

I was sent the #LoveMe Challenge by a friend. I think she wants me to use it as a way of identifying positive things about myself. Truth is I recently turned 30 which in the lead up to I wasn’t so worried about. Turns out it is a big deal (for me apparently) and I was short of doing a Britney and shaving my hair off. It started one of the biggest rollercoaster rides in my life opening a little box I thought I had closed the lid on. There are times I feel like I’m holding on tight, eyes closed and holding my breath just wanting it to end (exactly how I felt when I rode my first rollercoaster last year. I won’t ever forget it because I was unbelievably scared). Why is this such a big deal? I think about where I’ve been in my life, my life choices, the regrets I have about those life choices and where I could have been now or where/what I think I should be or have now. And I think and I think and I think…so today has been exactly 1 month since my 30th birthday and as it turns out I woke up this morning after last nights truths were told and knew the constant headache has to stop. I need to lead my life again to my own drum. Not comparing me with other people or friends. There is no other ‘Me’ out there….lucky for some people!! I only have one shot at this life, I need to and I will be the best of me. X


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