14 Days Free

So today is 14 days free. I’m proud of that! I was writing my #LoveMe Challenge tonight and it got me thinking about things I’m scared of but don’t call them a fear. I don’t know if there is a difference between something that you are scared of and something that is a fear. But to me it feels different. There are lots of things I’m scared of and I’ve started to think about this one more and more over the last few days…how will I feel if I find myself in a place where I go back to doing what I was doing? Even if it was just once…

One thought on “14 Days Free”

  1. I hope you find the will to never ever find your self in the same bad situation you’ve bern in in the past #staystrong and take things one day at a time, its all about having a strong will snd desire to change . best of luck stranger xo

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