Its funny it took six freaking month for Rogers crib to be built! And now that it is, I’m going to miss the cuddles… Its funny and sounds super dumb but if I had a man. That would be their job, not that I’m being sexist its just that I was in a dilemma and you want to know who came through for me, just ask me and you’ll never guess who it was!!? I really wish ry did tho, I couldn’t stop crying today because I seriously needed alot of help!!! The kids were so bad I had to clean because of the damn case worker and nothing was getting done, I literally left my bedroom left the kids in there while o just cried and cried in the hallway – you know what lifted me up?! Ryans fathers hot air balloon chimes (that auntie Karen let me keep) they chimed not alot but just enough for me to hear it look up and smile, I’m not alone… And I got up and started over again… I’ll be praying tonight will u pray for me? Always! Thank you

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