Entry 2-Prank

One year ago, I was being pranked by my classmates. I still remembered it very clearly. I had a habit which I didn’t like to wear shoes during my class. I liked wearing sandal during studying in my class. One day, I had my class at the laboratory. I wore my sandal that I bought. I put my shoe under the desk. After the lesson ended, I came back late to the class.  When I entered the class, everyone looked at me. Ahmad,my friend asked me if I lost something or not. I am confused but then I realized that my shoes was gone. I got panicked. Then, Ahmad smiled at me while pointing at the fan. I looked at the fan and saw my shoes was hanging at the fan. Suddenly, tears came out from my eyes. I felt like I had been bullied by my classmates. Ahmad asked for my forgiveness for what he had done. I was sulking at him. I avoid myself from making eyes contact with him. Actually, I was embarrassed after crying in front him.

Credits to nawwar, Kar Yee and Arina.

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