To live,to dream, to have something to look forward to, to have someone come in ur life and treat u like someone special. To have someone make u feel alive again after u felt down……..its all bs……. for so long we look for answers or look for someone to save us,we cut our skin,put ink in it,dye our hair,wake up and take showers,put on makeup,take selfies,make posts, write in journals online or manual but for what?

To have someone tell us how good we are or to make ourself look better.Or for maybe for some strange reason we believe that a man in the sky will approve of what we do and say or maybe he will give us something good. We are all gonna die so whats the point, whats the point in living a certain way or breathing air or taking showers or studying to go to college all for what to die so only our families or fans (if famous) will remeber us until they die off and then the next generation comes and then they die and so on and so on and then on top of that we are not even alive to know that they are remebering us

Even though we try to think this was we are all stupid because we can resist having feelings and trying to change things or trying to wake up in the morning and look presentable or trying to do our best in what ever situation we are in or etc etc its just all b.s and u know what thts just the way it is i guess i mean im tired of feeling and moving and breathing but id rather do this for now then to just do nothing idk i guess it doesn’t matter what id rather do because when im dead i wont remember anything i wont remember we even being alive in the first place i wont even know im dead and that scares me the most not breathing not moving not seeing the people that im supposed to love i fear it because i dont understand it but understanding is believing believing that maybe it will be OK but it wont but then again what is OK?

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