Entry 5- My Hobby

Shopping is one of my favourite hobbies since I was 13 years old.For me, I feel that shopping can help me to release stress.I usually go to shopping with my family and sometimes with my best friends.


I like to go shopping with my bestfriend as we can gossip and talk a lot of things together.My bestfriends are Aina,Nadzirah,Emalyn and Syuhada.We usually hang out together.We could spend more time to go shopping especially after finished our exams.We often spend our time for about four to five hours.I think I spend a lot of time because i need to think which one should I buy.But,my mom always advises me to not shop excessively and buy things that are needed only.Until now,shopping has becomes a part of my life.

Credit to Syuhada and Fatini

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