My shitty halloween

I think its really quite sad how some people can literally blow there lives away (LITERALLY). I was so excited to having a fun Halloween where I could hand out candy, go out for some drinks … butttt no!

I don’t get how some people cannot grow up! You are in your late thirties, fucked on coke, and partying like your 18 … Are you not embarrassed at this point? Grow up! You have work and responsibilities (yes I do like to have some drinks, go out for girls nights or birthday here and there), but do we get “fucked up” every weekend … NO! I just find it SO sad.

I understand it’s not my life and people can choose how they want to live theirs. It just bothers me that unfortunately they are in our lives and unfortunately it ruined one of my favorite holidays.

What a shitty way to spend my Halloween…

At least I got to start and end it with my one and only (in a kick ass couple costume) <3

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