Entry 8: Where are you?

Entry 8: Where are you?

Monday, 16 November 2015

Where are you? When I need help and trap in a difficult situation,  I cannot find you. You are not at my side and lend your helping hands to me. You just leave me alone in the snares to face with the problems. I feel helpless and unassisted when I have to solve all the troubles myself. Nobody helps me and I can only depend on myself.

Where are you? When I feel very disappointed, how can you go away from me? How can you forget your promises to me? You say that you will make me happy everyday and give me a felicitous life. You will not let me cry since my tears are like diamonds.

Where are you? Are you going to run away from me forever? I need to become a tough person so that I can protect myself from being hurt. You are no longer with me and nobody will protect me anymore.

Edited by Nawwar,  Aina and Amy.



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