Co parenting with step daughters mother

Parenting is hard. Co-parenting is harder, even if it’s just with your spouse. Then some would say co-parenting with your spouse plus 2 more parents is impossible. But it can be done! Through the years, Co-parenting with Gabbi’s mom we became friends. It’s so nice to be able to have open discussions about raising Gabbi and what we all think is best. It’s not to say every moment is easy, because sometimes it’s actually very hard! There have been times the line of friendship/parent got blurred. Each of us have had to humble ourselves from time to time.
I have had people tell me how lucky I am/we are because neither of us are “crazy” or “difficult” and I don’t understand what’s it’s like. I’d actually say we both are a lil crazy and both have tendencies to be difficult! We have different opinions, and views on a lot of things. However we strive to be understanding to the other’s needs/wants and most importantly Gabbi’s wants/needs. We are all selfish at heart and want Gabbi 24/7…I mean seriously, she is pretty amazing… But it’s also pretty amazing that Gabbi gets 4 parents in her life constantly loving her, and where one falls short another picks up the slack never missing a beat.
I couldn’t imagine not being Gabbis step mom, just as much as I couldn’t imagine not being wyatt and Matthew’s real mom.

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