Monsters are real
They are everywhere
Their presence we can’t always feel,
but they’re always in for a scare

Monsters are here
They’ve always been around us
How to overcome this constant fear?
We need to banish them for the sake of our lives

How do we tell the difference?
Sometimes they all look the same
Sometimes we fail to address our suspicions
Sometimes they look normal and sane, even when they change their names

Are you one?
You seem alright
Should I run?
I can’t choose between ‘fight or flight’

Of course, you won’t reveal it just yet
This twisted game of yours won’t be fun
I’m not even placing any bet,
yet it’s my life on the line

You promise me you won’t bite,
but hey, how did I get these scars?
Your invisible grip has already tightened on me with all your might
You’ve gone way, way too far

How do I get out?
I could call for help,
but what if they’re just skeptics full of doubts?
I’d stay trapped in your camouflage of earthly hell

You are one of them,
but I’ve discovered that way too late
I should leave you behind, but fear of my soul already condemned
How I do carry on without this hate?

True friends say it’ll take a while,
but I may never be the same again
I guess I’ll have to take another extra mile
anything to heal this pain

There are those who’ll never understand
They’ll simply accuse you:
“This wouldn’t have happened
if you were a ‘good girl’.

Perhaps they’re also monsters,
cold and cruel – with their simplified ignorance.


(Jakarta, 26/11/2015 – 2:35 pm)

One thought on ““MONSTERS IN SOCIETY””

  1. I know that I am good person I always try to get along with everyone which doesn’t happen a family that loves me beautiful kids that I’d do anything for and wonderful guy in my life whom it so amazing to be but I always feel like there is monster inside of me, always feeling like I am going to swallowed by quick sand screaming for help but no one is there or pointing and laughing. And there are times I feel like I deserve all this pain because I feel like I am a bad person too…

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