Entry 8-Be grateful

Be grateful. There are lots of things in this life that you have achieved and you may not. Sometimes by achieving something make you a grateful person but sometimes by achieving it make you an arrogant person. We always dream high and put lots of high expectations in our dreams. If we get it we become so happy and if not we act like this world has turned upside down like everything has gone. But we,  human always forget that everything that you get is what the best for you. Even a slightest thing in this life we have to become grateful. Even, you get to eat only a meal for that day be grateful. Remember there are lots of people out there that are struggling  finding their food and even some of them have to eat someone leftover in the dustbins. Do we ever think about that. So remember Everytime you feel ungrateful with your life there are lots of people out there that are misfortune then you are. So please be grateful.

Edited by huda and syafiqah

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