Right Love, Wrong Time

The genesis of us started through serendipity

The time which one stumbles accidentally

Looking for something truly & entirely unrelated

Chemistry did work, but time didn’t

Love is such a damn illness no one could ever resist

Oh thrumming heart of mine, you’re madly in love

Doves, chocolates, butterflies, and rose

I couldn’t ask for more but you and me in the midst of the ocean

Lying in sands and doing stuff we’ve never done

Building memories that come in waves

Currents that drags us away from the thought of time


Even if after all of these I’d drown in the bitter and the sweet

Perhaps we’ll meet again

When we’re different people

When the right time comes by

Perhaps then we’ll be better for each other

But for now, I’m like havoc to your thoughts

You’re venom to my heart

Little changes may be seen, but maybe we’ll be united again



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