The Situation

Yesterday was an interesting day for me and I really need to vent.  I found out that the one person that I trusted enough to tell about my eating disorder  told my mother about my problem. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal but my mother now doesn’t think that I am well enough to continue with medical school once I finish college. My one ambition in life is to attend medical school. That one person that I could trust is by boyfriend. My mother keeps telling be to be happy that he told her cause now I can get the help I need. I can’t help but feel very betrayed by the whole situation. It really doesn’t help that I have been having doubts about my relationship with my boyfriend for a while since we have really different ideas about life. I am also a sophomore in college and he is the only real boyfriend that I have ever had. This makes me feel constantly like I am missing out of having more relationships. I also am full of doubts that we would make a good couple and really don’t want to rush into things. This constant feeling of doubt has made me feel a certain level of bitterness towards him and now this betrayal does not help much. I don’t know what to do. Obviously he loves me a great deal if he is so worried about me that he told my mother about my problems. I also love him very much and think of him very kindly. Actually that brings me to another issue. Recently, while we were both attending school, he started having some troubles. He was struggling with his grades initially and I tried to tell him to get help. He didn’t get help and instead threw his grades completely, not even going to any of his finals. When I found out about this I asked him to go talk to a counselor because that is a very drastic thing and i figured he would need to talk to someone about it. He told me that there was nothing wrong and that he would never under any circumstances talk to a therapist because that means that you are weak. I am really confused and don’t know whether this relationship is worth all of the current and future problems.

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