high school.

thinking back on high school is something i do now and again but today i actually talked about it out loud with a friend.
we talked about the people that were our friends, people we’re still friends with, the annoying people, the ones we didn’t really get a long with, crushes, good times.. etc.

the thing that brings all of those things together, besides that it was our high school, is that in the majority of those memories have things i was completely oblivious to. basically having two sides; what i thought of those events at the moment, and what i know about them now.

these are just what comes to mind right now…
– funny moments with my friends at lunch; days full of nasty cafeteria food, talking about what happened in class, exchanging funny stories with friends.
– remembering friends you lost touch with; maybe i shouldn’t mention names.
– crushes; people you had crushes on and people that who had crushes on you. well at least the ones you know about. most fondly of all the interactions or even relationships with your crush.
– classes and teacher; favorite teachers, bitchy teachers, the classmates that made that class fun/hilarious and those who made it annoying and endless.
– the drama; ugh, even if you didn’t start problems with anyone it still follows you. practically can’t escape it.

for a glimpse of whom i was in high school, i was just the girl that was smart, kind, quiet, friendly, never started problems with anyone, and well overall a good friend.
i was kind because well i treat others the way i want to be treated, never spread rumors about anyone, and wasn’t a judgmental person. i wasn’t focused on boys because high school relationships don’t really last so what’s the point. i did well in school because i took pride in my achievements; not that i had a 4.0 but i was just satisfied with the grades i had and the classes i was in. by my senior year i was bringing up my gpa to be accepted into college.
basically i woke up everyday and i’d strive to be a good person, positive person, and happy with what i had. and i would mind my own business, it seemed like the best way to avoid unnecessary problems.

with all of that said, now that high school is over; i got into the college i wanted, dated the two guys i had a crush on (didnt like them at the same time by the way), found out some people were not so fond of me, found out i was some people’s crush (embarrassed), and well knowing different sides to the same story completely changed my perspective and made me wish i had done things differently.

the reason for this entry is because after high school i talked with friends and old classmates and i realized i never payed close attention to things. it slightly annoyed me because i never noticed some stuff and hearing different perspectives on what went on in high school intrigued me so much. i couldn’t find ways to ask more questions without sounding so vain but im so curious. what are all the things i never noticed!?
i know it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie but every now and then the curiosity can be a bit much.

i decided the best idea was to just get it all out in thee online journal. i know my thoughts were all over the place but its a million times worse in my head, trust me. ugh so glad high school has been over.

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