How do you get that glow on your face?
Your eyes are twinkling;
your smile’s the most dazzling I’ve ever seen

Those have been your beautiful days
The love of your life has said yes
Hopefully soon, you’ll be on a new journey to possibilities ahead

What can I say?
I am thankful that everything has fallen into place
My friend(s), I believe that you have all been blessed

This smile comes from seeing all of you,
glowing faces with hopes anew
May your love always stay strong and true

What about me?
No worries
I am not confined in my solitary

For now, let me enjoy the beauty
of your glowing faces and blissful smiles so lovely
Will there be more of these forms of endangered rarity
in this world of cruelty?


(Jakarta, 14/12/2015 – 7:35 pm)

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