Finally had my doctors appointment today.  He looked at my tongue and said he sees nothing out of the ordinary, said my spine is fine and that I should come back in the future “as needed.”  He seems to have no concerns whatsoever about the things I have been worried about nonstop over the last year or so (namely my back and leg pain).   Obviously I am feeling a huge relief over this but I suspect the relief will be short-lived.  I really know that I need to get help for my health anxiety and something I’ve learned over the last few years is that reassurance from doctors or loved ones can be addictive.  I desperately want to put this out of my mind and live like a normal human being.

It turns out that I probably did actually break my toe.  He ordered an x-ray that I might or might not get done.  My understanding is that even if it is broken there isn’t really anything you can do for a broken toe.

I’m still trying to conceptualize my business goals for 2016.  I have two invoices due tomorrow from a client and I really hope they pay on time so that I don’t have to start chasing after the money they owe me.

I picked up my son from preschool early today and we went to the post office to mail out Christmas cards to my clients.  The wait was insanely long but he did great.  Afterward we stopped by the used books store and they had a book my son has wanted for quite some time.  We picked that up as well as a 2001 book called “The Corrections” by Jonathan Franzen.  I’m about ten pages in and am pretty into it so far.


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