Good bye 2015 !!! 7 hours before New Year ^^

Several hours and 2015 will finish forever…the year which really gave me so much important things in life, really made me grow a lot )): but also left so much sorrow…it brought and took away tears from me… What can i say … It gave me a person i loved like mad and it took him away too… I know it was needed him to go ….but why just appeared at all?? Why i felt so much for him…of course i was naive, stupid and silly girl but now i’m not anymore )): 

i’m the one who only cares for her family, relatives and friends..i dont really care about boys and i know love isn’t permanent. I got used to realizing that maybe there is no one being ready to love me during his lifetime.. And well everything i think about is connected to my future and the people i love, the ones by whom i’m really loved.. )):

dear 2016!! You have a great mission in front of me and i have the same too in front of you !! I must study round the clock , study all along to get the scores i’m dreaming of getting … You must help me with everything if it ))): you must make me the happiest ever !! Please , please , be kind to me ))  give me everything i didnt have in 2015. Take away all negatives that ruin my life… Please let all the people i love stay in 2016 and forever ..please , please, make me believe that i can really achieve my dreams ….make me believe that there definitely is a person who will love me FOREVER…dont know what to ask…. I ask all the happiness to stay in my mind and if u dont give anything new , please dont bring something sad either )))): 

7 hours and here 2016 is ^__^ <3 

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