First entry!

Hey all!

This is my first entry for this website. It’s kind of weird, for all my life (and it’s not been a short one as I’ve been on this planet for all of 30 years) I’ve never thought of journaling as something that could be fun. There was always the prevailing thought in my head that it was girly, outdated (in this day and age of technology), and what would others think of me if they found out (yes, I was self conscious of myself for a large part of my life). Well here I am sitting in front of my laptop at 8:45 pm on a Saturday night, having just finished my deliciously cooked steak (more on that later) ruminating about my past few days. My life has been very hectic and turbulent in recent times: bought a condo and just moved in a few weeks ago , broke up with my girlfriend of a year, gained 10 lbs of weight over past couple of months (most of it recently due to induced stress, led to overeating). Right now my focus is on getting back on track with my exercise regimen and making sure my place is properly furnished so it feels like home. I’m sure I’ll write more on this some other time, but those 2 are the prevailing thoughts in my head.

Anyhow, tonight I had some delicious steak! It was my first time cooking it at my new place and in a new stainless steel pan to boot. I utilized the Ducasse method of pan frying the steak, using the edges as the fat coating instead of oil. I’ve thrown together a few pictures. 

Also,I would like to add that my very good friend created this website, and it’s through him that I became aware of this. If you read this, you will figure out who I am 🙂

Good night all!




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