Holiday Happenings, Part 2

January 5, 2016 – Holiday Happenings, part 2

New Year’s Day got so much better!  After Sean and I rested some, we went to his house where we ate lunch with his family and watched Outlander. I was still a little out of it and much more tired than I thought I was. We watched the movie in their bed with Sean in the middle of the sandwich. I think that we all fell asleep. When I woke up, the show was over. I loved lying in bed with Sean and Fawn, it’s the best feeling in the world! When I am there I feel happy and secure. Unfortunately my fun time had to end and I had to go home to face reality, a grumpy teenager.

The piece de resistance of the holiday weekend was on Saturday. It will be very hard to have a better night than that but I’m willing to try. The day started out crummy with Sophia being sick but got better and better. I went to Sean’s house in the early afternoon and spent the day helping Fawn de-Christmas the house. For some reason I was full of energy and the cleaning bug hit hard. We listened to 80’s music and scoured the main floor all the while talking. It was a lot of fun! Fawn said that she and Emma were going bra shopping that night and invited me to come along. So we went as a group, Sean, Fawn, Emma and me. We had subs for dinner and then went to the Playtex store to be fit and to buy bras. I was worried and a little excited that I was going to be fit for a bra because that morning I had written on my left breast “I’m Yours” and was sporting some beautiful bruises on it too. I would have loved to have had the sales woman see it but alas, she measured us through our clothing. Darn! Sean helped pick out my bras and then helped me put them on. I felt so pampered! I’ve never had a man join me in the dressing room before and it was HOT! Fawn joined us too and it got even better. I loved watching him help both of us and offering advice to which bras looked good. He’s the best! Sean treated me to the bras as my old one was in very sad condition. I can’t thank him enough. I wonder what the saleslady thought….

Afterwards, we stopped by Torrid. The store was fantastic and Fawn and I hit the clearance section. Again Sean helped select clothing and I loved trying on the outfits he suggested. He has excellent taste! We all gathered in the dressing room again (thank god for handicap accessible dressing rooms) and tried on tons of clothes. I bought some beautiful tops, a dress and some very sexy underwear! Sean sneakily picked out some fish net thigh high stockings for me and bought me a shirt. I couldn’t have been any happier. I wonder when I’m going to wear the fish net stockings for him???

Again, we went back home and I was going to leave but they suggested that we watch Fawns favorite movie, Labyrinth. It was a really good movie with David Bowie in it. Fawn said for me to sit next to Sean on the sofa and I was able to cuddle with him during the movie. Because it was late, I stayed the night. I bedded down on the sofa and fell asleep. My wonderful day then turned into The. Best. Night. Ever!

I was woken up with a knife to my throat, you can’t wake up any better than that. Sean held the knife to my throat and told me to go upstairs. I thought he was going to take me for a quickie somewhere but it was so much better than that! Sean led me to his bedroom where he told me to strip. I then saw Fawn stretched out on the bed. It didn’t occur to me that her hands were bound over her head. Sean laid me on the bed and tied my hands to the headrest. I was immediately wet! Fawn and my hands were tied together and we were able to hold hands during the fun. It was very hot but also comforting.

Sean first went to Fawn and placed a butt plug in. It was a vibrating one. I’m not exactly what he did with her pussy but it looked amazing and Fawn defiantly enjoyed it! I had never experienced anyone squirting before but it should be called gushing. I was impressed! She was enjoyed the attention all right. Sean told me to suck on Fawns nipples. I have never done that before to a man or woman but have thought about doing it with Fawn. I looked to Sean for guidance and he said “Do It”. I needed his okay and it was a great experience! I liked sucking on her breasts, they are perfect for it. Then Sean turned to me and placed clamps on my nipples, PERFECT! He was so commanding and in charge, I loved seeing him like that! He played with my pussy for a while then put a butt plug in me too! I He started with a vibrating something on my clit and then I was able to use it while I had him in my mouth. I love sucking on his cock, it is huge! For the first time, I was able to get it all in and not gag too much. It is a very heady feeling to be able to do that for him, I think that I get as much pleasure out of it as he does. It only got better after that, Sean put his cock in me and pounded away. He was right on target! I love feeling him deep in me. He pulled out and after a few strokes, came all over Fawn and me. The only thing I would have liked to do different would have been to catch the cum in my mouth and lick him clean. I love licking him clean after he comes. It fulfills me to take care of him in that little way.

Of course, Sean cleaned up us and the toys. He is so good that way. I usually just throw them on the floor and then clean them in the morning. He said that he was hot so Fawn suggested that I lay in the middle and Sean lay in his spot and not pull up the covers over himself. We laid together for a while but Sean got up to the restroom and then wanted food. Fawn and I laid together for a while too but then she too got up and went downstairs. Both of them said that were not able to sleep but I feel bad that I slept in their bed while both of them were downstairs. It wasn’t right. I wish that we would have all been able to cuddle and sleep together for the rest of the night. It made me a little sad that it didn’t happen. I needed the reinforcement that everything was okay after such a big experience and that they were good. I now know that Fawn and Sean had as good of a time as I did and that there are no regrets. It was a big step for us but felt like a natural progression. I am so happy that I have them in my life and am looking forward to many more firsts, seconds, thirds….

This has been such a great start to a new year!

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