Tuesday 5/1/2016 (Second day of school of the term)

Dear readers,


I am Kevin from Singapore. The purpose of writing on this platform is solely just to improve my English writing skills. To improve my English in general, I planned to keep it a habit to write every single day and read at least 30 minutes a day! Honestly, what drove me to do this is partially because of my inferiority… I felt that I am lacking in my language skills especially after I got admitted to the tertiary institution. Everyone around me were speaking good standard English and articulating their words easily, at the very least ,speaking better compared to me. That was when my inferiority starts to kick into my mind, I am embarrassed that the fact that I could not speak as well as them. I know that there is nothing to be embarrass of because not all of us grew up in a English speaking family..  However, being embarrassed kind of spurred me to get closer to English.. I started to speak English more often to my peeps. However, it is not enough…, I find it hard to read everyday because I am actually very lazy… In fact , I am very lazy to continue writing my journal right now and I guess I would probably continue writing later.. Till next time!


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