Wish I wasn’t here.

So a little about me….. firstly I am a dumb sap. Really I am probably the biggest dummy ever. So I live with my mom and been trying to move for years. First lost a job so I was stuck in a Ruth for four years just waiting to move out. After a few years of going through unemployment checks, working temp jobs and getting some more schooling, I got a new, better job with increased pay. Things felt great, I waited a year and then got a new car and started my process of looking for places. Found quite a few and then got pulled back into the trap. My wonderful yet berating mother comes to me about her job she has been at for over 30 years may not have money to pay employees after the end of the month. Great just what I want to hear right before Christmas. Well I changed my moving plans and here we are a week  later and it’s a miracle, they came up with the cash to pay their employees. Really!!! So here we are back to the weekend days of listening to her berate me like I can’t hear her tell her friends how I am selfish, don’t want to do nothing for her and just make me out to be worthless all around. So yeah I feel I should have never been born. 

2 thoughts on “Wish I wasn’t here.”

  1. Must be a curse of the ’82. Being stuck in a rut that is. Everything is a vicious cycle, but it’s time to disrupt the cycle! Chin up.

  2. Hold ur head high and continue moving forward with ur life and ur plans to get ur own place. Its time u thought about u for a little while. Better days are coming ur way,and when u have moved out,ur Mom will see how much u did do,for her. Take a deep breath and carry on with ur plans.

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