Can’t believe that I’m going to turn 23 tomorrow. Time flies too fast. I barely remember what I’ve done at the age of 22. I’ve met several people who came into my life, some took advantage of me then they’re gone, some still insist to stand by my side. Good things happened as much as bad things happened. I can’t tell how many times I cried or smiled because so many things happened like they were projecting onto the wall continuously.

I just want to thank you and appreciate everything that came into my life. No matter it’s a good news or bad news to me, it always gives me a lesson, it teaches me something that might be so important in my life. I’m happy staying in the present, surrounded by few people that I love, good environment, home.

I’ve been doing my best, and I promise that I will never regret what I did in the past. Everything in my life depends on my decision not somebody else.

I’m still walking along this never-ending road and I won’t stop.  

2 thoughts on “22”

  1. Well, happy birthday then! Its good that you are looking at the bright side of life. Doing the best and living a regret-free life are what I am trying to do too… Have a happy day and best wishes for you~

  2. @emmJH Thank you so much! I hope you live free and happily as well!

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