I was gonna write about what made me happy but I kept forgetting.  Now it’s 3:09am and I’m cold and it’s reminding me of you.  You’re cold too.  It took you two days to get a new girlfriend.  You met her the day after I broke up with you.  I blamed her for a while but she couldn’t help it.  How could anyone?  I could have fucking loved you.  I know I broke up with you but I wasn’t ready.  I couldn’t handle a relationship and I still can’t.  That’s not your fault but it’s not mine either.  I could have fucking loved you.  I saw you the other day.  Your hair is fucking stupid.  I made fun of the way you talk to other people to Rachael but really I always found it cute.  I hate that I still like you.  I told you I did when I broke up with you but you obviously didn’t care.  If you had really liked me that much you wouldn’t have gotten over me so quickly.  I don’t know.  I feel like this is me being angry with you but it also could be that I’m still not over you.  It’s been like 7 months how did you do that?  How did you get over me in less than 24 hours?  That sounds so conceited but God if you cared about me that fucking little why didn’t you just break up with me?  Why?

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