Another good day.

I took the afternoon off from work today. I can’t believe I actually did that. But I had something I needed to do around the house and today was the perfect day to do them. ( everyone else was out of town so I had the house to myself) I almost finished cleaning out the kitchen closet. That is a large step into getting my kitchen ready for healthy eating. I ate very good today. I have a visitor just hope that doesn’t tip the scale on Wednesday. If it does no biggie I can’t expect everything to be so smooth.
I had a day like I use to remember them. My life with RC is starting to separate and I can feel it. I am counting my blessings on the good days. Keeping my mind busy on the bad days.
It has helped me get my house the way I have wanted it. Taking longer than expected but once again Rome was not built in a day. But I am loving the changes. I can see the things change around me and I am changing on the inside. Two days in a role being great days. This week is off to a good start.

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