Time Flies…Life Changes

I couldn’t have imagined a year ago that I would be living with changes in my life. A year ago I didn’t think I’d have a new dog, and that Cinnamon would be gone. I lost her to illness and euthanasia on December 8th, this past December.This was very hard and difficult for me because she was my rock. She had been there for me in my life, a consolation for over thirteen of her fourteen plus years.

Here it is, the end of January 13th. Over a month has gone by, and her ashes sit on the shelf in the front room. The first two or three weeks were the hardest, although, when she comes to mind, I sometimes feel like I might cry again. This is perfectly normal. I don’t wanna hear “But she’s not suffering.” Or something similar. This does not change the grieving process whatsoever and minimizes the seriousness and feelings of grief. I already know that I did what I could and that I was sparing her future misery. 

To patronize me to try and make me stop grieving makes no sense. It’s as if we are not allowed to feel, or go through the process….that we should stop crying and grieving and realize something that supposed to shut the process off.

The process does not cut off until that person has healed emotionally when it comes naturally.

So never let anybody stifle your feelings. They cannot make you stop. This is unhealthy to listen to them. Get through it. Don’t suppress it.


Cinnamon 2001- 12-8-2015
Cinnamon 2001- 12-8-2015

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