You observe me with such glee
as I perceive you an anomaly
Chaos and order in a solitary room;
which one is closer to their doom?

We feed each other’s thoughts well
such foreign comfort in your cell
Your familiar hands ring my bell;
am I bound for heaven or hell?

You say I’m funny
To you, I don’t (seem to) function logically
Still, I’m as cute as can be,
but is that all you really see?

Such a startled deer,
you wonder what I fear
You’re right; a part of me longs to be here
another too scared to have you near

I am slowly drawn to you,
a gullible hamster without a clue
but my instinct has always been stronger
warning me: “Girl, you should know better.”

Now I know you’re harmless
Never thought I was capable of being cold and heartless
We both know this fun little game won’t last
Well, you’ll be gone so fast

You’ve been my perfect chaos
my beautiful disaster
I think I know where this story goes,
so I need to restore – and keep – my order.


(Jakarta, 14/1/2016 – 10:35 am)

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