Why do I care?
Let that room stay empty.
You could be anywhere
while I remain here.

It’s not life that’s unfair
but people who make it bitter.
Reality is only what we bear,
but our choices can make it better…or worse.

Why do I still care?
Why did you assume I no longer wanted anything to do with you?
I think you’re just scared.
Getting too close to anyone might leave everyone all black and blue.

Stop talking too much.
You don’t know everything.
I am who you haven’t figured out.

Do I still care?
The bitch is, I do,
but you’re the broken free spirit who needs to be anywhere.
Nothing else I can do.

I never clip your wings.
Nobody in your life can.
I guess your soul is still searching
and I’m just not good enough, even as a friend.

I’m not sorry
and I bet you’ll never be.
Whether our paths shall cross again or else,
I’m still crazy enough to wish you well.

Why do I care?
Because it’s just me.
I don’t care if you find this funny.
Sorry, you’re too messed-up in the head to see.


(Jakarta, 19/1/2016 – 12:45 pm)

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