School 😊

Everytime I enter our school it’s like I’m entering into another world.. all of my problems at home and the sadness that I’m feeling goes away in an instant.. 

Yesterday.. I’m just so happy .. I was singing last night of the vamps and best day of Taylor swift beside of my classmate to distract her..(i’m so mean😂).. Coz she’s playing color switch.. actually.. i can’t call it singing.. it was more like screaming.. I was just so happy yesterday.. but time to time.. I’m complaining about how cold it is.. eventhough the rain is very light it’s so cold coz it’s accompanied by really cold wind.. I was like freezing.😒I told two of my friend/classmate my secret yesterday.. it’s something that I didn’t wrote here.. 

Its still cold today.. but I love it.. this day is just as happy as yesterday.. my toes and my fingertips are so cold.. I hate it coz the highest score I got so far on color switch is 11.. it’s so sad😖.. but i realized one thing while playing it.. perfect timing is indeed important.. haha😜

I hope tomorrow will be this way.. goodluck to me for tomorrow..


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