The Betrayal

From high above the water crashes down

Dampened skin, hearts pounding heavy

In the dark cave, behind the water fall

Your arms wrapped my frame

It’s time say good bye

This is the only way

One soul has been claimed

And I choose it to be you

The moment is at hand

In the dark Ba swings his sword

You never saw it coming

I kiss at gash as the blood runs down

You were my ultimate sacrifice 

I stare into your eyes

In that moment as you take your last breath

You have a revelation as the light shines bright, calling you home

Love and Hate is the same

In the eyes of Inanna


For centuries I have paid the price for your death

Always missing you, always longing

Never able to trust again

I hear your call in the wind

I taste your kisses in the rain

I can’t find you my love

I’m paying the price

In this immortality, I am reborn

Only to be haunted by the ghost of you


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