Hair Flop

Today was the big day. The girls were so excited. Ladies Day with grandma included a trip to the hair dresser (which in this household is an extremely rare indulgence). Snoochie had been counting down the days since last week.

I have a long, awkward history when it comes to going to a professional to get my hair done. It never ever comes out the way I wanted it. On top of that, they always “discover” my curls and I end up leaving feeling like a mortified poodle. I paid money to have my precious hair violated. There’s only been one hair dresser in my life who cut, styled, and dyed my hair the way I liked it. That’s it. Out of a legion of scissor holding trained stylists just the one was up to snuff. The worst ever experience was when I was about 10 years old. We were just about done and as I peaked in the mirror I was digging my cute pixie bob. Suddenly the hair dresser buzzed the back of my head with clippers. Oh no!!! She actually gave me a duck’s ass. I couldn’t face going to school the next day. The front of my head looked amazing, but in the back… oh my! To this day I cringe when I hear electric clippers buzzing maniacally.

When I was a teenager I stopped going to hair salons. Long locks are pretty too after all. When necessary I cut and dyed my own hair. I was satisfied with the results and if I screwed up, I only had myself to blame. Sometimes I’d find that rare gem of a friend who’d cut my hair for me and honestly, they always did a better job than the professionals.

In their younger years I cut my kid’s hair myself. Deedee had straight blond so I’d just trim it and give her some bangs. Snoochie is a different matter. She has wild, crazy curly hair. No matter what I did with it, her hair just bounces back into a mass of wild tangles. One time I gave Snoochie bangs. It was a huge mistake. Lesson learned the hard way. Nowadays I try to straighten her hair as much as possible.

As for Deedee, she cuts her hair herself.  She dyes it herself. So far she’s had pretty good luck as far as her hair is concerned. She lives for manic panic.

The girl’s special day ended later than anticipated. A little after 10 pm the girls were dropped off. Snoochie now rocks a soft bob and now has blond high lights! It’s so cute. Some one tamed Snoochie’s angry hair. Deedee… on the other hand…. her hair has been hacked. Her hair is way too short, uneven, and her bangs stick out. She’s miserable. She’s home from school today and keeps bursting into tears. It’s obvious the poor hair dresser has little to no experience with emo hair cuts (especially choppy layers) and my sweet Deedee is paying the price.

So now I’m looking at wigs, extensions, or for a hair dresser with a little more experience. I hope we can compromise and find something for her. I can’t leave her like this.

Edited to add: The Man and I took Emily to another hair salon today. The hair dresser (Helena) made a miracle out of a terrible hair cut. It’s super short and styled into a striking emo do and more importantly, Deedee absolutely loves it. So step-grandma spends $80 on a cut and Deedee hates it. Dad spends $15 on a hair cut and Deedee feels like a rock star! 

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