I have dyslexia

It’s getting late (for me anyways). For once I’m sort of stumped on what to write. Usually I can always think of some thing. I feel an idea for a topic beginning to shake up in my mind.

I’m dyslexic. If you’ve read my journal before you might have noticed a few grammatical errors. Yeah, I’m the chick who can’t always type a coherent sentence, but in my head I do! I also have a strong bad habit of leaving words out or substituting the wrong word for a word I had really meant to say. If I focus really hard I can correct myself, but more often than not my brain just sees what it wants to see and I won’t notice my grammar breech at all.

I have a high iq despite my set back. My level of “disability” is mainly effected when it comes to output I give (writing and speech) and not at all with input. I can speed read. I’ll read from the top of a page to the bottom with a quick diagonal nod of my head.

It’s extremely important to me to stay as sharp as possible. I love to write. I have notebooks upon notebooks with free flow poems and short stories I’ve never successfully managed to finish. Reading is a way of life for me. Reading inspires me. Library trips in my household occur weekly. We don’t have cable. I’m proud to say that all 3 of my babies are book worms, especially Bobo. The Man is the most avid, dedicated reader. He’s always in the middle of a book.

I mix up numbers. It’s easier for me to read a group of numbers and recite them than it does for me to repeat back a random grouping in sequential order. I need a surgeons level of care and attention when I’m making a financial transaction. In my head I know it, but something goes haywire when I need it to apply.

Don’t ask me for directions. I have trouble with the concept of left and right. It disorients me for some reason I can’t fathom. The big irony is that I understand north, west, east and south perfectly. I am no stranger to a map. I never get lost, ever, even when I try to. I have a very accurate internal compass. In my head east, south, north, and west are 2 D while left and right are 3 D and make my head spin.


I want to write more about this, but I’m getting pretty sleepy… good night

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