Debate Club

Guys, I swear I didn’t forget about making a journal today. I “accidentally” took a 4-5 hour nap. I have been beyond sleep deprived and I do not regret it at all. It is only 9 pm for me so it’s still current day and I didn’t miss a day but according to the sites time I missed a day. I seriously feel great. It was one of those naps that you wake up with prints from your pillow. It was so nice. The bad thing is I probably won’t go to sleep till late. I usually go to sleep fairly early but I still end up beyond tired because of school and everything else.

I am reading a book called the alchemist. If you have not read it I highly recommend it. It’s very interesting. I will probably read it tonight since I won’t go to sleep till later anyways.

So I and another classmate are starting a debate club for my school. My English teacher is the leader of it. He is not actually the leader but he watches over it. The students have to come up with everything. To start the club we must have community projects set up and a presentation ready for the meeting. We have to go up in front of basically the top people of the school and tell them why we are starting a debate club and why a debate club is important. I am a good distant ahead of everybody so my teacher just let me get information on the club. We need to find the most common fallacies. I swear there are like 50 of them. So that’s that.

I want a coffee. I will probably go get one this weekend depending what is already planned. In all honesty, I am bad at finding out what is planned. I always find out at the very last second on what we are doing. I should probably change that but it’s whatever.

Well… that’s it for today. I will keep yall updated as I go along with life.

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