Vanity / Pride

Ever since I was a child the “7 deadly sins” held my interest. What I thought was intriguing is that they were never listed among the 10 commandments. Although when exploring each deadly sin in depth it is easy to see how engaging in this behavior can lead to an immoral character.

I will write about each sin and how they affect my life. I am starting with pride / vanity as currently I can see parallels between this sin and my view of myself. 

Pride / Vanity is said to be the most vile, the most deadly sin out of the 7. A perfect example of this sin is a self absorbed narcissist who demands constant validation and acceptance from others. They seek compliments  and put themselves above others. This is a form of self idolatry.

I think I can be a vain person when it comes to how demanding I am with how I look. I obsess over my hair. It’s always perfect. I insist upon it. I love make up. I have quite a few dresser drawers devoted to my lotions, my lip sticks, eye pencils, hair brush, etc. I don’t leave the house with out my tribal make up and my hair styled impeccably.

Certain nights of the week I sleep with a mixture of coconut oil and aragon oil massaged into my hair. I wear a shower cap to protect my pillow cases. 15 minutes before I take a shower I lather honey all over my entire face and let it sit until I bath.

In my younger days (and I’m so sorry for my arrogance) I have actually had the nerve to say “If I ever get fat just shoot me” … on multiple occasions. How insensitive could I have been! Karma has kicked in and now I have a pot belly. So what do I do? I’ve been fixated on dieting and exercising.

Could it be that I’m vain?

Humility is the opposite of vanity / pride.

I love to make other people feel good. I love to give sincere, gooey, heartfelt compliments. I place the value of myself above no one. We as people are ALL equal. I leave judgement up to higher powers.

I can be quite modest. Although I am highly indulgent in a consuming grooming routine, if you were to compliment me I would shyly say thank you and blush. I don’t like people gushing over me.

I give respect to those who have earned it and I give credit it where it is properly do.

So am vain? Is there another sin I’m in deep with?

Next blog will be about gluttony.


3 thoughts on “Vanity / Pride”

  1. I’m just curious, what religion are you? if you are religious that is.

  2. I would label myself spiritual rather than religious. I have absolute faith in a higher power… powers to be exact. I believe that there are other deities, not limited to just the Judea-Christian version of Jehovah. For this reason I accept a Pagan label. My spirituality is more in aligned with what some tribes of the Native Americans believed, the Anunnaki God’s, spirituality along those lines, etc.

    I was born, raised, and confirmed as a Catholic, but I find that religion is more political than it is spiritual. It puts too much power in man, something Jesus himself was against. In my struggle to find a manner of faith I deeply explored many different branches of Christianity, Judism, as well as a few other religions.

    I find that in the God verse Devil brand of Christianity, the “devil” is inaccurately portrayed. Why would God put such a entity in charge of the worst of humanity? In my very humbled opinion it would seem that God and Devil must work hand in hand to keep a proper balance. One needs to know evil to choose good.

  3. I think the seven deadly sins are more about excess than anything else. They’re all essential aspects of the human experience in moderation. Sex, food, ambition, confidence, etc. It’s just excess that’s the sin.

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