Last Saturday formation..

Today is our last Saturday formation.. I feel sad but thankful about it.. I was sad because I know I’m gonna miss it even though it’s really exhausting and we were always reprimanded.. but all of those hardships we went through were all worth it.. and we went through all of it together this makes our Saturday formations special.. I was thankful because of course all of those hardships we went through has now ended.. 

This is another day to remember.. 

Seeing the video of our performance feels so fulfilling.. Though it was not perfect but it was really satisfying.. 

We felt their support earlier.. most of the crowd were cheering for us.. that made us feel confident.. our company had the loudest cheer and we got the highest points.. we could really feel their support.. our platoon leader, the captain of the company, other officers and our classmates were  all so proud of us.. especially our platoon leader.. its funny because there are times that she cannot contain her happiness and excitement which is unlikely to happen when we were in the rank.. I’m happy that we  made them proud.. and all of them were surprised to see our section’s performance.. because among the three platoon in our company we were the worst platoon.. we gave it our best shot today.. coz it will be the last time.. and I cried I don’t know why.. I just feel like I want to cry and I just can’t hold it.. partly it was because I thought I would fail.. i was worried about it because I had never failed a single subject so far and I would never want to.. but tonight i found out that i’m not.. and it made me so happy.. earlier they just laugh at me but not in an offensive way coz I was that scared to fail.. the boys were  teasing me in a friendly way.. I know that they were  just trying to make me laugh and feel better.. and I appreciate it..

Today is a roller coaster of emotions .. it’s funny how fast and how many times my emotion or feelings changes today..  from happy-excited-nervous-excited-almost crying-nervous-excited-relieved-incredibly happy-sad-happy-sad-a bit scared-really crying-trying to be happy-really crying-trying to be happy-crying-trying to be happy-neutral-tired-happy-excited-incredibly happy- tired-a bit mad-excited and incredibly happy-almost crying-incredibly happy-happy.. yeah.. im crazy.. but this is me..




so this is it for now.. i have to sleep early coz i have to wake up by 3:45am for the funrun.. i don’t think i can sleep.. 

a lot of good things happened today.. 





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