Day 2 – Comedic Skiing

Today was nice. Went skiing for the first time since 8th grade (in 10th), with a friend I haven’t hanged out much with, even though I see her every day at school. Fortunately, we didn’t crash into each other and sprained our ankle and thumb like we did last time. I had to write with my left hand for a few days in class, even though I’m right handed. My handwriting was already bad back then, just imagine how it looked.

There was also a group of guys who were yelling behind me while going on black diamond. I heard them yelling “Woo! Let’s go!” then they came into view up the hill as if they were in some kind of movie. One said “Check me out!” and decided to go backwards until he realised that he was going down the steepest hill of the area. Immediately regretting his decision, he tried to save himself by digging into the snow between his skis, only to fall onto his side. A smile was plastered on my face afterwards, because it seemed just like in a comedy movie. 

Speaking about snow, it’s funny how there was none until after Christmas. People were saying “It’s Canada! What’s going on?” until they got more snow than they wished for. It was madness for a while, still is, but I love snow, so I don’t mind.

In the end, never have I been happier to put on my pyjamas and watch another episode of Gotham as I sip on my Rolo flavoured hot chocolate. (SPOILER : Was happy when Edward Nygma killed the guy. Not for killing someone of course, but I like villains, so I am glad he finally became the Riddler.)

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