Visiting the Mortuary

Today I go with my mom to look at caskets.  This was her idea.  She’s 92 and has some health issues, and she wants to get everything “ready” so it won’t be a burden on my sister and me.  Bless her heart.  She is always thinking of others, not herself.  There was a time we had trouble getting along (happens in almost every family, doesn’t it?)  But for years now I have seen what a stellar person she is and a doting mother and grandmother.  I am SO thankful to God that He melted any foolish resentment that used to be in my young heart.  I love my mom SO much now, for years.  I can’t imagine life without her.  She keeps trying to prepare me.  She’ll say “I can’t last forever.”  I tell her, “Try, please.” So she tries by exercising and eating broccoli and other good food and taking vitamins and her medicines.  She is truly wonderful.  I hope I don’t make a fool of myself and cry at the mortuary.  I want to help her pick out the casket because she wants just the cheapest thing they have and my sister and I want something pretty and soft and white.  Think about me around 10:30 if you read this.  A prayer would be so appreciated.

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  1. Thank you, it did. We were not able to afford the really pretty coffin, but got one almost identical to it that we can pay on monthly. Afterward we went to lunch at Wendy’s. Oh, and my sister met us at the mortuary and had lunch with us, too. It was not bad at all. Thank you for thinking of me.

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