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Note: So this particular entry is inevitably going to be quite long. It’s a story I’ve been working on. I will not be posting sections of it in different entries. The entire story will be posted all in this specific blog. So if you choose to follow along this is the only place you’ll find it. Feel free to leave comments and critics for me to review. I rarely finish my stories so perhaps feedback will help get me in gear to complete this one. Hopefully you like it although I’ll be the first to admit, it may not be for everyone.


Chapter 1. The vast, wild jungle forest rose up from nowhere, standing mightily next to the barren, scorched desert. The edges of the dusty sand were naturally guarded by tall, lush, vividly green trees and brush. Members of a remote, secret tribe hid among the canopy and down below in the thorny tangles of shrubbery. For hundreds of years it had been their sacred duty to keep watch on all of the entrances to the jungle, protecting the ancient race of humanoid creatures that lived within.

It was a particularly important time to be vigilant. The Queen was ripe and could birth at any given moment. This would be her second known offspring. She had already bore a son, but it was known that he would not be entitled to inherit the powerful, but modest kingdom. In this strange land it was the female of the species who reigned supreme. While the males of this mysterious race, the Lilim, were almost always physically stronger, their psychic powers tended to be inferior than that of their female counterparts. The females exuded more patience, wisdom, cunning minds despite ruling with vicious iron fists when necessary.

Ages upon ages ago in a time forgotten to most, the ruling Queen had made a pact with the natives of the jungle. In exchange for the villagers labor, protection, and dedication to the strange, beautiful, angelic-like race the natives flourished. There was no more sickness nor hunger. The Lilim showed a great respect to the villagers. It was considered a serious crime to take advantage of any of them. The Queen had insisted the relationship must always be in balance. The humans prospered under the rule and guidance of this strange race.

Esi hid high in the canopy of the trees. He gazed far out into the blindingly bright, barren desert. It was his assignment to guard the entrances leading into the jungle. He had much help with this important task, but rarely did anything give him the need to actually rise to action. No battles with foreign enemies to protect the Lilim or his own people. The desert, the jungle, and thus the kingdom hid in a remote corner of the Earth where outsiders seldom wandered.

The young guardian knew he should stay focused and alert, but the anticipation and excitement of the upcoming birth proved to be a great distraction. Desperately he wanted to see the infant. The first time the Queen had given birth had been extremely disappointing although Ex I would never admit it.

It had been less than a decade ago since the fateful day Prince Bael had entered this world. Several hours after the announcement of his birth villagers and Lilim alike crowded together in the court yards below the golden temple eagerly awaiting the High Priestess, Cecelia to present the infant for all to behold and revere.

Esi, a child then, did not have to work or stand guard that day. He was among those in attendance for the ceremony. He remembered the sights and sounds with vivid clarity. The Queen, who never aged a single day, ascended the temple stairs at a slow, steady pace. Her long violet dress robes fluttered and danced in the breeze. She carried a swaddled bundle tightly in her arms. Her creamy, pale skin looked like marble, except for her cheeks which glowed with more color to them than usual. Following behind Queen Lilith walked the High Priestess, who maintained a precise distance of three steps back. When the two women reached the ceremonial day on top of the temple, the Queen turned to face Cecelia and placed the small bundle into her arms.

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