Just us

    Yes its the first sunday of the month and as always during weekends were all crazy out loud because walang bantay…hahahaha.. I was suprice that one of my past friend (College friend) ask to go out or should I say joyride foodtrip. First i’m hesitant to come due to I feel not well coz for the past few days I don’t have engouth sleep due to gala over thier gala doon and as always BUY FOODS. But he said libre nya daw aq.. hahaha.. and I feel happy for that, and ofcourse I also want to see him it’s been 4 years since the last time I see him. Actually where schoolmates during college days I was in 2nd year college while he is a freshmen. Way back, I also remember that during they have an cooking class (due his course is HRM) he always given me food..hahaha.. We have a lot things to talk with about our life’s after school as on now he still in college taking a new course witch is IT major in Multimedia Arts. We went to Project 8, Q.C we eat a lot. I have fun with our date (AS HE SAID) because wala akong ginastos ni PISO (hahaha) since he has a car so no hassel for the long ride. Yeas It’s been 3 year’s and he change a lot, he become much better person, become a responsible to also TUMABA siya (hahaha) at first we got argue about his body he say’s that “Hindi ako tumaba ng matured lang.” hahaha … (daming alam) Buti pa ko sumesexy.

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