Don’t you just hate it when you need to do something on your laptop/computer and windows just decides that out of all times that it wants to update. Like couldn’t you update when I’m not in a crunch with time? Like I have to get ready for church and I have homework and oh gosh, this is too much.

Today’s journal might be a little short because like I said above, I’m on a crunch with time. But none the less I should write about today. So where should I start? I think I should start with the beginning of my day and work my way to now. Today is my best friend’s birthday so I stayed up till 12 to send her a super long happy birthday message. I had to be the first to tell her because that’s what a best friend does. So I did that and I was beyond tired. For a person who goes to sleep by ten, twelve is kind of late. So I got less than five hours of sleep last night but it was completely worth it. I woke up this morning and I was beyond tired. I kind of expected that but it’s whatever. I got on the bus and left for school. I would ride with my brother but I don’t really want too. I got to school and sat down with all my friends and I pulled out harry potter and started reading while I wait on Skylar. So Skylar got there and we just talked like normal. The bell rang and I went to class. My first class is French and my most hated class. My teacher is acting kind of weird in my opinion. She has been in a good mood the past two days and it’s scaring me. She is usually really mad so I wonder what has made her happy. Next was English and if I’m being honest I just stayed on twitter the entire time and talked to this kid named Jacob. After that I went to lunch and I read during lunch also because Skylar had to make up a test and I didn’t want to be around anybody else because I have no friends and I don’t like people. She ended up making a 50 on that test sadly but granted she took the test two weeks after it was given. She is actually very smart but she just forgot some of the things.  After lunch I went to chorus and did chorusy things.  After that I went to math and math was kind of difficult today. I understood a lot of the information given to me but on some things I would have to look back at my notes. So that was my day. Nothing super exciting today so I don’t have much else to say. I have church later and I’m really excited just because I love church with a passion and then survivor comes on. I love survivor and I haven’t missed a single episode. And then the dreaded math homework.

Well that’s about it for today. I will keep yall updated as I continue with my journey through life.

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