Drive carefully! A couple more seconds is not worth a life.

The day a person decides to leave their anxieties behind is definitely the day their anxieties occur. Am I right?? 

Last Sunday my boyfriend, Braden, and I were driving towards an intersection to enter a canyon to go hiking. It was rainy and the road was slick. We had a green light were driving into the intersection at 45 mph. A giant Nissan Rogue (and I say giant because we were in a little ’92 Mazda Miata), pulled out and cut left in front of us, lacking depth perception and patience big time… Braden attempted to slam on the brakes but because the roads were slicked in water, we slammed right into them. 

I just can’t get the scene out of my head. The moment you know you’re going to crash hard and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. The moment when so many things fly through your head all at once before the crash, from things as scary to thinking you’re going to die, to wondering what the people around you are thinking, to getting upset because your day is about to be ruined. 

When we crashed, my side didn’t have an airbag, but I whipped forward and my glasses flew off my face. The hotpocket I was eating also ended up all over the floor of the car. The worst part of the whole crash was looking over in the smoke and debris coated air inside the car towards Braden. Blood was just gushing down his face and his hat had been knocked off from the force also. 

We got out of the car, looked at the crunched body of his old blue Miata, then back to each other and simultaneously mouthed “shit…”

The lady who cut left in front of us stayed in her car and refused to look at us. She was uninjured, cops at the scene told me. I got really frustrated that such a woman who was at fault refused to get out and ask if we were okay, or to even apologize.

What kind of world do we live in that people think they can’t lose a couple of seconds to safety anymore? What’s more important than the lives of those around us? That extra..oh I don’t know…ten seconds…that she would have had to wait to cross the intersection safely just cost that woman over $3,000. 

Trying to get back into the routine of driving and feeling safe while doing so is debilitating after an accident, no matter how small. 

And those who text and drive? No. That is not okay. Put your damn phone DOWN and leave it alone until you are parked and ready to leave your car. An emoji is not worth a life. Texting “I love you” is not worth a life. There is no text or call that is important enough to attend to or make while driving. That is a non-debatable fact. I don’t care if you forgot your lunch at home and need to quickly get the attention of whoever is left at your house to set it out for you to come swing by and grab. You pull over to the road in a safe zone, and THEN you can use your phone. One last time, using your phone in any way is NOT OKAY WHILE DRIVING. 

End of rant. 

2 thoughts on “Drive carefully! A couple more seconds is not worth a life.”

  1. I agree. I see accidents and almost accidents around me and the causes are usually such petty things. More importantly, I’m glad that you’re okay. I hope your boyfriend is okay as well.

    Today my husband and I were driving on I 385. We were in the far left lane. We came up on the side of a maroon minivan that was traveling in the middle lane of the interstate with her left directional on the entire time the van was in our line of sight. As we were side by side with the minivan I noticed that her driver side was all dented and crunched and one of her windows was broken with a trash bag over it. That’s when she moved into the left lane – literally almost crashing into my car (which is a tiny mustang). My husband was forced into the shoulder of the highway. He slammed on the horn trying to alert her she just rammed us out of the lane. What did I see? The driver of the van talking on her cell phone.

    So I wonder what phone call or Facebook status was worth my life?

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