You.. Your my best friend. You hold me together. I feel like you understand me. An you don’t even know what’s going on with me. I love you. An I’m scared to lose you. When I look at you.. I look at you and thank god for send you my way. I think god for finally sending some one to motivate me in life… Before you came I Didn’t want to be here on earth.. I would Always Cut myself hoping and praying I’d hit a Vein . and I wouldn’t stop bleeding. I would sit in my room crying out for help. I would lay down scream in my pillow. I would hate myself.. I wouldn’t come out.. Unless I was drinking alcohol. I wouldn’t see so depressed.. I looked like a regular person… But I was so depressed. Then you came.. And everything changed.  I feel like I just have a purpose now. An I am terrified to lose you. I look at you , and I hope you’ll never leave me. I hope you’ll never Do me like my last. And I hope and pray god never takes you away from me an he makes you stronger then you was today. You hold me together. I’m so thankful for you.. I look at you and I fall in love with you more and more. I hear your voice and I Get butterflies in my stomach.. I feel your touch and my heart feels heavy.. I love you.. Good night

One thought on “You…”

  1. Chelsea, I am so glad you’re better and not cutting anymore. I, too, pray that everything will work out with your special person you are so blessed to have. There is another Person who will never leave you or abandon you EVER……Jesus. Lean on Him, too. Bless you!

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