Bad Decisions

I don’t necessarily take the best decisions in life. During my first 2 college years I simply didn’t go to my classes or did anything usefull. It’s not like I decided to do it like that. It’s just that I really love watching tv, movies and read a good book. So during those 2 years, and with the freedom I got from moving out of my parents house, I could do that without my parents knowing it. Eventually When for the second year my mom threaten to cut me off, I decided to apply in school and get good grades. That was a good decision that lead to my current life of post granduation and internship in a big company. 

And the bad decisions didn’t stop there. Right now I am not enjoying my masters degree, so instead of studying I’m writing. 

Another bad decision I take is that I want to eat. I should reduce in my eating habits and try to get a healthy lifestyle. I just love food too much and as I’ve written in my previous post, I think that a life where I don’t do what I love, is not worth living. I just want to get in shape because I am not confortable with my current body and I want to improve it. 

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